Tulsa Air and Space Musuem  (TASM)

The Tulsa Air and Space Museum (TASM) has a F-14 Tomcat, experimental and prototype aircraft, hot air balloon, Spartan C-2, various trainers and simulators, NASA exhibit, and more as well as a Museum store.

New TASM building under construction (06/18/05)

Artists rendering

Current Museum location

Tulsa Air and Space Museum
7130 E Apache
Tulsa, OK
tulsaairand spacemuseum.com

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The following photos are a sample of what we saw at the museum.
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

F-14 Tomcat has Desert Storm Experience

F-14 Front Seat

This Navy HTL-7 Helicopter built in 1957.

F-14 Rear Seat

Children can actually drive this little simulator. The stick hydraulics actually work.

This hot air balloon is reminiscent of Tulsa’s first aviation event in 1897.

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