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Rocks One interesting aspect of the vegetation is that a number of the trees have grown between cracks of rocks and have forced the rocks out of their way. The history is rich.  American writer Washington Irving passed through in 1832 and wrote of the area.
Trees There are many different types of trees in the forest Post oaks, blackjack oaks, red cedars,  black hickory,  mockernut hickory, redbuds, and persimmon that have been undisturbed for centuries.   Many of the trees are over 300 years old with the oldest trees estimated to be over 500 years old.  The forest has character that you can't find in the city.  The trees tell the story of the forest with all of their interesting twisting of limbs, knots, and scars.  Some of the trees have had their tops knocked off by wind or broken during our ice storms.    Some trees have many fire scars in the tree where the heat of the fire killed some of the living tissue and new tissue has grown around.   
Keystone Ancient Forest