Frankoma Pottery was founded by John Frank in 1933.  The pottery is a favorite of users and collectors.  Tourists have been visting Frankoma for years.  Is it now closed.
The facility was briefly closed until purchased  and re-opened in mid 2005 by Det Merryman.  Mr Merryman also has a company called the Merrymac Collection.  As of 2013 it is closed.    History- John Nathaniel Frank graduated from the Chicago Art Institute in 1927 and established the University of Oklahoma’s first Ceramic Art Department where he taught until 1936.  In 1933 Frank started his own commercial pottery manufacturing business. In the Spring of 1938 John Frank and his wife Grace Lee Frank move to Sapulpa, Oklahoma near Tulsa and built the new building. In a few months a fire destroyed the building and most of the master molds.  It was rebuilt. From 1933 until 1954 or 1955 clay was used from Ada, Oklahoma, then red Sapula clay was used from Sugerloaf Hill. The Southwestern line of dinnerware was introduced in 1942 that became Frankoma’s signature line.  In 1947 the Mayan-Aztec line of dinnerware was introduced in colors Prairie Green, White Sand, Desert Gold, and Onyx Black and was a success. Other colors and patterns were introduced from time to time. John Frank died in 1973. Frank’s daughter Joniece, an artist ran the company for the next eighteen years.  In 1983 a fire destroyed Frankoma for a second time.  Again it was rebuilt. In 1991 Joniece was forced to sell the struggling business in 1991.  In 1996 Grace Lee Frank died.  In 1991 Richard Bernstein of Maryland purchased Frankoma and in 2005 sold the business to Det Merryman of Las Vegas. Merryman whom lives part time in Oklahoma also owns Merrymac Collection of ceramic products.  
Pictured below are some historical pieces.
Westwood Pattern- Woodland Moss Begining in 1962
Westwood Pattern- Peach Glow Begining in 1962
Cup from Lazy Bones dinnerware collection  
Political Mugs (This mug is valued at $500.)
The Frankoma facilities include the factory store along with approximately 68,000 square foot plant situated on seven acres in Sapulpa Oklahoma a few miles from Tulsa. The plant can employ 50 to 200 people.
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Frankoma Pottery